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About Us

Falhatla Riservisi is an online learning solution with a smart, personalized, and integrated method designed to increase students' interest in learning and understanding of the subject matter to get better academic scores.

Smart and Personal Method

Falhatla Riservisi believes that every student has different preferences and ways of learning.

For this reason, Falhatla Riservisi uses a PERSONAL approach through the method of delivering material that is adapted to various student characters, be it through Visual, Audio, or Kinesthetic (V.A.K).

And to ensure that the education curriculum in Indonesia can be absorbed by students, Falhatla Riservisi uses the SMART learning method that uses the Learn, Practice, and Test approach.

Integrating Students, Teachers, and Parents

The main focus is to strengthen and synergize the roles of teachers, schools, and parents in the student learning process through an INTEGRATED platform A platform that can record student learning processes to be used as analytical material for teachers, parents, and schools in understanding character, potential and student difficulties in learning.