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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs for Psychology Majors

Hey guys how's it going it's Falhatla Riservisi, and a special welcome to all my psychology majors or maybe soon-to-be psychology majors. In this article, I'm gonna go over ten of the highest paying jobs that psychology students can get. What I did is I did research and I looked at the jobs that psychology students can get and their salaries, and then I sorted them to get the 10 highest paying salaried positions, and this other article is gonna work. So I'm gonna go over the job and the salary for it and a little bit of explanation of what you would do during that job, but I'm also gonna explain if you need further education. 

One thing that I realized in my research here is for most psychology-related professional positions you need more than a bachelor's degree. For instance, a lot of psychology students, go and become psychologists, and you cannot become a psychologist just with a bachelor's degree in psychology. You need either a doctorate degree or a master's degree of some sort if you want to be actually a practicing psychologist in the professional realm of things, I will mention whether or not you do need you know doctorate degree or a master's degree or if you can do it on a bachelor's degree, and then I'll go through the 10.

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs for Psychology Majors
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I am gonna go from lowest paying to highest paying with number one being the highest paying. But, I don't want you to skip all the way to that last one because all these jobs were interesting. They're pretty unique in that, they're all in different fields, and if we things like that if you were similar. But for the most part, a lot of them are pretty different, you may find something in there that you're interested in that piques your interest, and that's really my hope in this article is that I can hopefully touch on a job that you only hate that. That's something that I might want to look kind of a little bit more into. That's my hope here I don't recommend skipping all the way to the last one there and if you do want to kind of go through this article and a little bit of order, I will have to go through each job and then the time stamp that you can find it at without any further.

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs for Psychology Majors

10. Marketing Manager

Let's get into it let's get into the ten highest-paying jobs for psychology students this will be fun let's do it coming in at number 10 a marketing manager who on average is going to make over $65,000 per year. And for this one you do just need a bachelor's degree so what is a marketing manager gonna do well. You are in charge of marketing, and you will be in charge of creating different marketing campaigns finding that. Target audience, and this is really using a lot of the skills you learn as a psychology student, you know you are gonna be learning how to do proper research, how to take data and interpret it, and another thing that you learn about psychology is you learn how people think you know you can create campaigns that people will react to. You know this can be anything from the messaging in the campaign to the colors involved, and psychology students know quite a bit about human behavior and can create a marketing campaign tailored to that, so you can see how in marketing psychology students are in demand so number 10 is a marketing manager.

9. Suicide Hotline

Coming in at number 9 is working for the suicide hotline, and you're gonna be making on average about $86.000, and I went on the suicide hotlines website to see what education requirements. They said they needed, and they said they needed a doctorate degree. I was a little confused because I was actually reading a book by someone who talked about working for the suicide hotline, and they didn't have to my knowledge a doctoral degree, they just went straight into the training. So, I'm not too sure there but I'm gonna go off of their website and they did claim that you would need a doctorate degree for it. But as far as what you would do working for the suicide hotline, I think kind of in the name if you know what the suicide hotline is you are working maybe you are in charge of the phones, or they also have a chat side of things, but you will be working for the suicide hotline. 

And from this, you can understand that this is an unbelievably important position you know it will take quite a bit of training. And I have the utmost respect for people that are in this position, and it's often times I imagine incredibly sad, incredibly stressful, but all the more it is incredibly important. And that is part of the reason, that it is so high paying. So if this interests you at all I'm sure this is something that you can look into and see how you can start to work for the suicide hotline

8. Correctional Psychology

Coming in at number eight is getting involved with correctional psychology, so within correctional psychology, there are different jobs that are within it but I'm just taking the field as a whole and we're gonna talk about that. The average salary here is going to be over $86.000, and what you are going to be doing working with in correctional psychology is you are gonna be working with generally incarcerated people you know you may be doing evaluations and working with in kind of the psychology element assessing different offenders, and maybe writing up reports and different things like that. You'll likely be closely tied with the legal system and different things like that. 

So, you can see how this is a very important position, and if this is something that you're interested in at all, then I'd recommend looking into it and it does make quite a bit of money as well, and then, for correctional psychology in my research, what I found is that you have to have a minimum of a bachelor's degree although the vast majority of them. Do have a master's degree of some sort to get involved.

7. Psychology Faculty Member

Coming in at number seven is a psychology faculty member, and this is someone who is part of faculty meaning they are likely going to be a professor and a researcher or something along those lines, and for this, if you are gonna be a professor you will have to have a doctorate degree. And if you are interested in psychology but also teaching in general, then this may be something that you want to look into. You know you may want to teach at a university, maybe a community college or something along those lines. Maybe you want to do research and teach and just see what your options are there, but they do make quite a bit of money and if you are interested in anything like this then this may be something that you want to look into here if you are actually interested in this. What I recommend doing is reaching out to some of the psychology faculty members wherever you go to school or are planning on going to school and just letting them know you're interested in you. Know if you have a passion for it, they probably do too because that is their job. So, reach out to them and maybe they can talk to you a little bit about how their journey went getting this position.

6. Field of Experimental Psychology

Coming in at number six is the field of experimental psychology, this is pretty high-paying with an average salary of about $92.000, and whenever I think of psychology, this is what I usually think of you know this is the side of psychology that I think is kind of ingrained in people's minds, and this is the experimental side of things you know you are gonna be running experiments on different things, such as human behavior and different things like that, and coming up with different research projects and you are gonna be drawing conclusions from your research. So, for me if I'm reading about someone's research that went on or some finding that's out, there in the psychology world that is oftentimes a psychology or an experimental psychologist behind that. 

So if you are very much of into psychology into especially researching human behavior and different things like that, then this may be something that you want to look into and I think this is the side of psychology that a lot of psychology students fall in love with, and I find it fascinating I took one of the most interesting. Classes I've taken was just a general psychology course, and we learn a lot about human behavior, and it was an unbelievable course. So, if this is interest interesting to you, you know you can look more into it and it is a high-paying position as well, and then from what I saw, if you do want to become an experimental psychologist, you didn't need at least a minimum of a master's degree from what I found although, if there may be other instances where you can do some research, just being with a bachelor's studio, maybe you can get involved different research projects. But for the most part I did, see that you do need a master's degree to become an experimental psychologist.

5. Research Psychologist

Coming in at number five is a research psychologist, with an average salary of about $95,000, and you will need to more than just a bachelor's degree to get into research psychology in general, and what this is, is you are now researching human behavior, and you are reading different research projects that are out there you know you may be coming to different conclusions, and it's all about learning where we are in the world of psychology doing research, see if you can answer some of the world's dire questions that are out there surrounding psychology, here you would be acting very much as a researcher, as a scientist, and you will be going out trying to find new solutions to the questions that are out there. 

This is very close to that experimental psychology side of things. You know oftentimes experimental psychology is running those research programs and projects, and you may be doing some of that as well, but you also be analyzing a bunch of those different research projects, and trying to come with up with new conclusions, and just furthering your research. So, this is oftentimes what faculty members at least here at UCLA will be doing is research psychology, and it's a mix you know the it's not like these are all separate, it's not like you're a research psychologist.

Therefore, you can't be an experimental psychologist oftentimes you can think of this more as a Venn diagram. There's a lot of blending between them, and they'll be doing a lot of similar things. But on average, a research psychologist will be paid quite well that $95.000 mark, and if this is something that you're interested in, then you may want to look just more into it, and maybe get in contact again with someone on campus who is involved with research psychology.

4. Engineering Psychology

Coming in at number four is engineering psychology, and this will be on average making over $98.000 every single year, and there are some people that are in this industry at least in my research. I do have a bachelor's degree although is more common to have a master's degree. Now, as far as what engineering psychology is, it's blending two different things. So, it is blending the psychology world of things along with engineering, and what this kind of turns into. 

Is you are building machines for oftentimes disabled people or people with psychological issues, so you'll be building different machines along with psychologists, and together making it just oftentimes. Really, this is mainly around disabled people but I know there are expectations. So, I don't want to just say it's for disabled people, but this is an industry that is blending those two, and making very important machines that are saving lives.

3. Compensation and Benefits Manager

Coming in at number three is a compensation and benefits manager, we've now just kind of blown past the hundred thousand dollar mark as we are now in around $120.000 mark, and what a compensation and benefits manager does is they'll typically work organization or a company and they are in charge of kind of deciding, how much compensation the employee should get, and not only the compensation, but also the benefits. So, they'll look at the finances of the company, they will also look at you.

Know how what the employees are doing the different benefit programs that are out there, you know maybe they're using some health insurance benefit company, and they see a different one is better then they'll move there, but this is very important because they are in charge of kind of a setting up that payroll in deciding how much people are gonna get what their benefits should be, and there's a lot of research that needs to be done here. You know these are not arbitrary salaries, that are just thrown out there. No, they are calculated, you know how much can this company afford, how much should this person be paid, what are the benefits you can offer. 

They look at different programs, and it is quite a bit of work, and psychology does prepare you well from the research standpoint that you have to do in order to do this job at its highest level. So, if this is something that you're interested in, it is very high paying. And from what I saw you don't need at least it wasn't required that you have anything higher than a bachelor's degree. Although, I'm sure if you did, it does put you in a more competitive position in that you may be more likely to get the job.

2. Industrial-Organizational Psychologist

Coming in at number two is an industrial organizational psychologist, and this is sometimes just referred to as an IO psychologist. This person will be making about $125.000 on average every single year, and for my research, you did need further studies than just a bachelor's degree, but what this person will do, and it is pretty interesting they'll work for a company or an organization, and they are in charge of just making sure that the psychology side of things is running smoothly. So, maybe they're in charge of setting up a specific office space in such a way that it is for optimal psychological effect meaning, you know maybe that table should go there, the table should be set up in such a way that it helps people think and formulate ideas. so these people are very important to companies because it's the little things that companies do that can kind of give them the edge over their competitors, and if their entire company is designed in such a way for maximum efficiency for their employees, then they will outdo their competition. So, this is kind of an interesting way you can take what you've learned from psychology, and kind of the different quirks, and therefore things that go on psychologically and implement them into the business world, and that's what companies want. So it's kind of an interesting blend of what you've learned and throwing out that into the real world. So maybe an i/o psychologist is something that you want to look into and as you can see it is important and it is low paid.

1. Psychologist

Coming out number one if you're a psychology student you probably could have guessed this. But it is a psychologist, making over $240.000 every single year. And to become a psychologist you do need more than a bachelor's degree. Now as far as what a psychologist does psychology is such a big field there are so many different types of psychologists working with different people, and in almost every field every organization whether it be professional even athletes - just professional business people there are psychologists involved and essentially all as psychologists it does at not all but at a very high level is they are just a doctor that is specifically concerned with the psyche and the psychology of people. With different mental issues, you know if there are mental health situations then they oftentimes will talk to a psychiatrist or anything along those lines. 

Psychiatry and this field as a whole is something that a lot of psychologist students work towards, and the cool thing about it is you can really find your own niche, you know there isn't a one-size-fits-all of "oh you're gonna become a psychiatrist" "you're gonna do this" know there are so many different things that you can do within it. You can really find it in my research when I was looking. In this article, I found a whole bunch of different psychiatrist positions and it was interesting reading about the psychiatrist that works with professional kinds of NFL and MBA. And everything's like that I thought that was pretty fascinating, but they are in all different landscapes of kind of the world today, and you can find your own little niche for yourself, and as you can say, they are very as you can see, they are very well paid, you can definitely look into that and know that there's probably a pretty healthy salary at the end, but that will wrap it up.

I hope along the way one of these 10 kinds piqued your interest and that you were interested in, and if I missed one, you know maybe I missed a pretty big job that is high-paying I would love it. If you would, let me know in the comments below.