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Dr Shannon Curry, Psychologist Who Evaluate Amber Heard Testifies

Shannon Curry, he's been called by the DEP team's first time she's testified in a civil tri usually see says she has testified in criminal trials, she focuses on couples therapy and PTSD it's going.
Dr Shannon Curry, Psychologist Who Evaluate Amber Heard Testifies
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>> How do you get involved in this case. as I was contacted by miss Camille Vasquez one of the attorneys for Mister Depp. What was e nature of the contact? Vasquez called me and that she might be interested in having meets legal team so that could discuss my expertise and possibly provide my opinions related to the matter.

>> What we asked to provide an expert

>> So the role that I understood at the time was to review the case materials and provide my opinions regarding anything that I noticed that was consistent or even inconsistent with the psychological science that exists today on intimate partner violence in Mister Depp's misheard relationship.

>> Used the phrase intimate partner violence. What are you talking about?

>> So there are. A multitude of different definitions depend on the source or the state. But essentially intimate partner violence is abuse it could be physical and psychological. And it's from one partner to another in an intimate relationship.

>> Did your role in this case of overtime.

>> It shifted so was retained. In at the end of January 2021 and

>> I had just barely begun t review the documents the case was postponed and then in 2021. I was asked by Council to provide a psychological evaluation of Miss her.

>> Were you ever asked to do and the U.S. a cloud psychological evaluation of Mister Depp you know. Types of documents did you consider this an office. So I reviewed.

>> Quite a few documents as part of my evaluation that included all of the case documents miss herds, medical records by doctor pepper her prior mental treatment records. I believe I reviewed records from a doctor in need thanks to doctor Bonnie Jacobs doctor Colin Kahl Cohe And also a significant portion of my review notes from nurse Erin flooding at the time Aaron Boerum who spent a significant time with missing her and her could direct company I also reviewed exhibits quite a few audio recordings of the recording several video recordings and possibly photographs that might be getting them confused. And multiple witness statements testimony declarations.

>> Do there come a time you met directly with misheard.

>> Yes, I did so in conducting my evaluation, I met misheard on 2 separate dates, December 10 and December 17th 2021. Approximately how much time spent with miss her. So We spen12t hours directly with one another. However there more there are more hours involved in the evaluation with some breaks so we spend 7 hours together on the first day December 1h.0t I'm not certainly together serve as a one-hour lunch break in about a half-hour with brake split up through the day and then on the 17th we spent a little more than 8 hours in the evaluation from start to finish with a one-hour break and another half hour of breaks distributed in throughout they

>> As the result as a result of the work that you perform to do for money unions with respect to her. I did what were those opinions.

>> the results of misheard evaluation supported 2 diagnoses borderline personality disorder and histrionic personality disorder. Diagnoses a diagnosis is a way that we essentially psychologists psychiatrists anybody in the mental health field thinks about a It helps us to communicate a set of symptoms that up person experiencing and along with that set of symptoms it tells other professionals a lot about how the symptoms might have developed how that person might behave perceive the world. It also drives treatment the real purpose is to determine what sort of in interventions will be most effective for the person

>> Previously you made a reference taking you to call that the DSM 5 was yes. >> So the DSM 5 stands for the diagnostic statistical manual. Version 5 contains every diagnosis we use and mental health we it's it's the authoritative manual of mental diagnoses.

>> Performing diagnoses is something you typically do a little work, yes. So you referenced personality disorders but what was a personality disorder.

>> To understand a person I disorder think it can be helpful for state kind of defined personality. So personality something we take for granted, but these are the traits the character the way we think feel and we act that make us who we are and these traits a pretty stable over time and across situations. We you know be seur to mind are piecing Hughes wn we're meeting somebody knew but.

>> Overall if somebody were to describe us or if we were to describe ourselves. We have a pretty good sense.

>> Of who we sometimes an easy way to think of it is matching how you might describe a brother sister or a child if you have children their personalities are pretty clear to you a personality disorder is some sort of dysfunction in those enduring traits so as opposed to other types of mental illness. When you think about something like depression. That's episodic that car Senate goes and was treated with medication it can pretty much be completely mitigated minimizing a person's life and their personalities still they're separate from the Depression. When we have a personality disorder. They're going to be disturbances and several different areas that visible in most all different facets of their life. 

>> Is there a missing college is doctor Shannon rryCu testifying that she evaluated amber.

>> and her expert opinion Moshe believes she Let's get you back to the courtroom psychologist Doc for Shannon Curry on direct. Let's go back in.

>> Is there a manner in which personality disorders are commonly diagnosed.

>> Yes, so he ty can be diagnosed it in a training treating psychologist or therapist or a psychiatrist simply does a diagnostic interview which involves assessing multiple areas of a person's history back down through China opting for a second yes, treating the environment. 

>> all slip into these words I apologize, so treating my in therapy if somebody is going in for this I called the mental health provider will ask questions to find out what sort of symptoms they've experienced what sort of things have occurred in their life that might be consistent with these disorders or route these disorders prove that there is no reason for these disorders to be considered they might also pay attention to their observations of the client over time new information the client provides them. 

The most reliable way however to ever come about a di, you know sis really is comprehensive psychological assessment and I might use the ports assessment examination testing interchangeably they all mean the same thing it's combining information from multiple different sources. One main source is psychological test staying using validated objective measure there's that and that they've been tested they've been shown to be accurate for testing what you want to test and in the environment you're testing.

So they're mad you're specific for court environments for someone might respond differently you integrate that with the same interview I was telling you that people would do for therapy we do that as well and then in a courtroom setting you're going to look at all the legal records all of those documents karate getting information to sort of check your hypotheses that may be developing and also check against the exam any statements to confirm from whether you have enough evidence of a certain diagnosis. So what's a clinical interview. A clinical interview is a very comprehensive interview, it includes a person's entire life history.

As well as very specifically looking at any symptoms they might have this can start as far back as Earth you might find out if there are any issues but their delivery. genetic disease any intellectual issues, how did they do it what was there. My flight how's discipline to handle what's their relationship with their primary receivers were they right raised by an aunt and uncle their parents how many siblings do they have how they get along with their siblings how many times that they have to move where that was there any abuse did they have any really significant life experiences that come to mind when they think about their childhood.

How are they as a student they need special services did they get in trouble at school and you do this you continue in the high school were the hobbies that they play sports? How many friends did they have to have any trouble keeping those friendships dan you get into it adult hood did they go to college but not go to college how come what sort of jobs have they held how did those jobs go how di And. that's always an important question. What sort of romantic relationships have they been involved in how do they identify sexually culturally?

Let's see what else and what sort of symptoms have you gone through the entire gamut of some of the main symptoms you might screen for depression. Any disorganized thinking means thinking that isn't necessarily in touch with reality or any current distress they maybe haven't had today. 

>> Conudcle than miss her so suffers from the personality disorders that you identified there was information with supported it from multiple sources. 

>> I conducted testing including. One of the main test that I she obtains scores that were consistent with those diagnoses and then I also. There was evidence of those diagnoses and her records and inner self rept.or Council and its go ahead and pause for a second we go into a car.

>> Morning recess, okay plays in Jammu going take a ♪

>> 15-minute morning recess to not discuss the case and not to be outside research

>> Okay that's the mid-morning break they taking a ♪ little break

>> Johnny Depp brings up a psychologist doctor Shannon Curry who told this jury that.

>> She evaluated amber heard and then amber I heard suffers from a borderline personality disorder and histrionic personality. This or extra dollars with us he's in New York City.

>> I'm Eric this is a.

>> Who.

>> Now you're getting into the way. The basic accusation from the DEP teams through this professional amber heard is not is off the tees off and you need to know that jurors for people that are at home thinking way too.

>> This is this fair is this some sort of privilege.

>> How can how this doctor talk about this in inn I open court is an on television etcetera. This is all fair games and not in a civil case

>> It's certainly fair game. I'm not sure how relevant is though the issue here the Lyon issue here is whether amber heard defamed Johnny Depp when she declared in and in Washington was a pet that she was a victim of domestic violence or a survivor of domestic violence. It seems like debt strategy so far and I've been watching this trial said that the stray too. It's really just to paint him heard very poorly and I think he's done an excellent job I think his team isn't doing a fantastic job so far of making amber heard look like the villain.

>> In this case, but again even if he succeeds in making it was a scene is it. 

>> Amber heard was the villa in their relationship and was in part at least an abuser in the relationship. 

Johnny Depp still needs to prove that. Amber heard statements were false and defamatory amber heard looks terrible throughout this trial. But whenever she gets on the stand she can show that Johnny Depp at least committed one act of domestic violence, it's never going to win the trial. So I think Johnny Depp needs to pivot of debt, not just make number look amber heard look terrible which is done a good job and so far but also show that he is an innocent party here because that's ultimately what the case is going to come down to.

>> Is this testimony, risky in that it could come across as mean-spirited the to somebody on that jury or somebody who's that will this is how is this relevant. Histrionic personality disorder to your point. It's The ball a little bit away but creating and continuing this narrative that Johnny was dealing with someone who as out of control could it backfire. I guess that is my question.

>> It certainly could but I think you really have to ask the question is what's the goal really was the goal, Jnnyoh Depp in this trial is it really to win the 50 million dollars in a defamation damages or is it really to get back the public on his side because I think he's done a fantastic job of the letter so far I think with his testimony the way he came off the way the witnesses have presented Johnny Depp's case the way their relationship it's been sort of played out in the public eye I think Johnny Depp's on a fantastic job, winning back you know thatn i the court of public opinion and that may be the ultimate goal here right it may not be necessary that he needs to win this $50 death this 50 million dollar defamation lawsuit it may just the 2 regained his image in the public eye so that you can continue his career so looking at to do that lens I don't think there's much for that they are in and showg inyou calling it is a it's a hydrogen discussing perhaps you know mitt misheard mental disorders or personality. 

Disorders so I don't think it's going to backfire too much. I don't think it's very relevant to be allegations in the trial. I certainly think it's relevant to what appears to be Chain overall and really winning back his reputation.